Two New Updates Of Facebook – Bigger Ads And Death Of Native Messaging

This week’s two new updates of Facebook made the advertisers happy but the users unhappy. Facebook is about to pull out the messaging feature from its native Facebook app. No, they are not rolling it out yet but Facebook has notified its users in a few European countries that they will not be able to use the messaging feature in the coming weeks. According to insiders it is not an experiment and Facebook might incorporate it in the coming days.

Though the messages button will remain in the app but when you click it you will be redirected to the messaging app only then you will be able to chat with your friends.

 How will it affect Facebook?

Facebook messenger has shown immense growth in both Android and iOS stores. As far as user experience is concerned Facebook messenger is far better than the messaging service in Facebook app. But after this update you will have to use two apps to access one social networking website which can be annoying to those who use low-end Android devices. But Facebook will not make those users download the app because they will be able to use the messaging feature within the native app. However, windows users will also be spared with this update as the messaging app is not available for windows phones.

It might be Facebook’s way to promote their messaging feature but it will indeed increase one more app in their user’s phones. This might result in users switching to other messaging apps like WhatsApp or Wechat.

Facebook ads to become bigger

On the other hand Facebook is rolling out a new design for its right hand column ads. These ads will take up the same space as desktop news feed ads.  The size will be larger but the number will be fewer. This new feature tested pretty well and saw better user engagement. As for advertisers you need not choose separate images for news feed and right hand column placements as now both images are of the same size. During the initial stages they will be using the new and the present format but by the end of this year this feature will become fully affective. The changes won’t affect the mobile app as it does not display sidebar.


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