Six Features We Would Love To See On Twitter After The Mute Function

Twitter officially launched a feature that all of us have been waiting for. From now on you will be able to mute tweets and retweets from those annoying friends of yours who update about everything. The Twitter mute function did come late, as its rival Facebook introduced something similar years ago. However, it is only for Android, iOS and desktop users. Now that they have introduced the much needed mute function, here is a wish list of other features we would love to see on Twitter:

Whisper Mode – Conversations are private, and in Twitter that privacy element lacks as all your followers can see what you are talking about with other users. Twitter should provide an option to switch between public to private conversations. Though you can have a private conversation with someone through direct messaging but then again, it will be just between two people, unlike conversation that let multiple users voice their opinion. Twitter CEO Dick Costolo has indicated about this feature but there is no official word about its official release.

Two Way Communications For Direct Messaging –  Among all the features we would love to see on Twitter this one probably will make it on all the lists. When it comes to messaging you can only have a two way conversation if the person you want to talk to follows you. They must tweak the messaging feature in such a way that will let you reply to messages from people who aren’t following you. It will be really helpful for those who wish to interact with influential people.

Add Gif Images – Humorous tweet gets more likes and shares, and there is nothing better than GIF images to express humor. Twitter does not support GIF images. If you wish to tweet a GIF image then you will have redirect your users to some other site through a link, and mobile users generally tend to avoid links. If Twitter let users upload GIF images the interaction with content within Twitter will increase.

Slideshare Integration – You can add images, watch videos then why not view slides directly on Twitter. Right now if you can only tweet a link that redirects you to the slideshare website. Once integrated with slideshare you will be able to see the entire slide in your tweet without leaving this micro blogging platform.

Profile Preview – it is annoying to go to someone’s profile to get the basic profile info like their bio, number of followers, following etc. Twitter should add a hover effect to the profile so that you can see the summery by just by scrolling or tapping over the picture instead of clicking. Facebook has it in their desktop version so does Twitter, but in Twitter a new window appears in the desktop version. It would be interesting to see if they bring this feature for mobile users.

Online Users – It doesn’t mean adding a chat option as direct messaging does it for you. They can add some sort of icon to show the people who are online. This will help better target your users as you can post content that are most relevant to them at that time.


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