Facebook iOS App Gets New Updates And Now You Can Create Posts Offline

Facebook iOS app has got updates again this time adding new features to boost the performance of the news feed. Download the latest version of the app from the Apple app store, quite obviously. The changes featured in the iOS version 10.0 of the Facebook app are somewhat as follows:


  1. Creation of posts can now be done even when you are offline. Once your connection is up and running your posts will be posted automatically on their own. This is very handy update that almost all users have been looking for. Now users will be able to create posts at any point of time irrespective of their connectivity. The app will check for the connectivity and publish the post whenever it is apt.
  2. More options are now available in the Facebook iOS app for reviewing your posts before actually posting them. You can now check how your post would look like after they are posted. You must have seen that whenever you share something that you are watching, reading or listening there are certain links that are suggested to you. Now it is up to you whether to keep them or not.
  3. Improvement in news feeds so that they load much faster than usual. This is concerned especially for the older versions of the tablets and phones.
  4. Popping up cards having related contents for browsing after you post. Facebook has always been coming up with new and improved ways to keep people engaged. Their latest endeavor is suggesting of contextual content once you have shared something related to that. These cards providing related content are expected to make the news feeds much livelier that it used to be. This reaction of Facebook based on what is top in the minds of their users could prove to be highly useful In terms of entertainment and monetary potential. This card feature of Facebook iOS app is better than Twitter not only in rendering of the in-line media that you have shared but also in suggesting ideas on what you might wish to look next.

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