The Google Skybox Deal Is Finally Fixed At $500 Million

Its official, Google has confirmed that they have agreed to buy the satellite image provider Skybox Imaging for $500 million. We previously reported about Google’s ambition to concur the space and this Google Skybox deal comes as a part of its project to provide internet to the remote parts of the world. But this time it is not just about providing internet, the tech titan said that at first Skybox will help make better Google’s domain mapping service then they will launch the satellites.



What is Skybox all about?


The California based company creates satellite that provides high resolution image. They generate a unique data source that provides daily global activity with timely, accessible and high definition images and videos of Earth. Skybox has about 100 employees and they raised $91 million in venture capital. They provide the perfect solution for small businesses who cannot afford big satellites. The team members are most likely to join Google and work with their experts.


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Will the project speed up?


Google seems to be rushing to provide this free internet service because they want to get ahead of Facebook who is also working on a similar project. However with the new low cost satellite their dreams will materialize sooner as the satellite combined with the drones that Google bought few months back will be a powerful combination. It will not only provide low cost internet but will also help with disaster relief in remote parts of the world.

It is not known when the Google Skybox deal is going to materialize or what will the satellites be called. However, analyzing the scale of the project one thing is clear that it might take some time to materialize. But Google is known for launching things first and then improving them. So, the project might get an official launch soon. But one thing is for sure that it will help Google concur many new markets. However, before the satellites get their official launch Google will have to make sure that it doesn’t interfere with the other satellites in space, as that can put this tech giant into trouble.



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