Google Is The Best Company To Work For, Shows LinkedIn List

Google has again topped the LinkedIn’s list of the best company to work for. The annual listing ranked Google as one of the best companies. Google has brushed aside all the companies for two straight years now.


Fifteen years after the company was founded, all of the employees feel good about how Google is rewarding the community. Employees working there say that the company is ethical and honest. It can therefore be said that Google has created a comfortable platform for their employees.

Google is involved in projects that advance communication technology. This is another reason why Google is so famous among people round the world. One of the employees stated, “We think about what’s right for the broader world”. Their services are trusted by people all over the world. They even send a group of Googlers to evolving business areas to help them in advancements. In the year 2013, 47 Googlers traveled to Ghana and Delhi too. They have successfully satisfied their small and large scale customers.

This California based company had given discounts in the year 2012 that brought them closer to many businessmen with low budgets. They gave an approx discount of $100 million in grants and $1 billion in free and also with discounted ads. They also donated $50 to the volunteers for every five hours. This is another reason that makes Google the best company to work for.

Google began as a search engine provider but soon they won million hearts with their Android operating system. There are many companies today who use YouTube that was owned by Google back in the year 2006. With these additional services Google is a distinct winner over other companies. Apple once topped the list of the best company but that position has now been taken over by Google.

A Software engineer working for this California-based company gets a salary of about $119,000 per annum. They reportedly pay their employees well. It is clear from this that the company attracts more employees towards them than the others. Another employee stated, “Simply by being here, I feel very naturally motivated to be my best possible self”. Google successfully encourages their employees with a healthy atmosphere and a good pay scale.

Google is the best company to work for and mentioned above are the chief reasons. There were other companies who were giving tough competition to Google like Apple,, Facebook, etc. But Google was announced winner only after they unveiled their employee demographics for the very first time.


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